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Poetry Reviews (various: 2000 to 2011)

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The following is a selection of poetry book reviews from 2000 - 2011, either available online or in back copies of journals in which they originally appeared, with links provided below.


Review of Peter Boyle’s Apocrypha (Vagabond Press, 2009) in Cordite (online poetry) website:

Four reviews: Jordie Albiston’s The Sonnet According to‘m’; Philip Hammial’s Skin Theory; Susan Hawthorn’s Earth’s Breath; Felicity Plunkett’s Vanishing Point. All on Southerly’s ‘Long Paddock’ (online section) in India Indi issue:



Reviews of Penelope Layland’s Suburban Anatomy and Joel Deane’s Subterranean Radio Songs; both in Australian Book Review; February, 2006. Back copies available through ABR’s website:

Reviews of Shelton Lea’s Nebuchadnezzer; and Mal McKimmie’s Poetileptic; both in Australian Book Review; October 2006. Back copies available through ABR’s website:


‘Provincial to Post Modern’; overview Philip Salom’s poetry books published to that date, in the issue of Heat titled I Have Never Worn Sunglasses (Heat 3, New Series, 2002). Back copies available via Heat website:



Reviews of Ken Taylor’s Africaand Manfred Jurgensen’s Carnal Knowledge Australian Book Review; Novemeber, 2000. Back copies available through ABR’s website:


* More reviews, dating before 2000 and becoming difficult to obtain, are reprinted in full under the Book Reviews/Poetry section of this site.